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Two dogs running through field of tall grass

Dog Walking

Whether your beloved pet will enjoy walking with other dogs, or perhaps prefers some one on one time, Trail Waggers is here to give them the personal experience they need.

£10 for one dog, £15 for two from the same household

Your dog (or dogs) will receive a one hour dog walk  in the Crawley/Horsham area. We will ensure your loved one exercises in various safe locations, exploring different parks, forests and trails regularly to keep them active and interested in their surroundings.

We'll be sure to check your pet has enough fresh water available to them during the walk and when we pick up/drop off. All dogs will be towel dried if they are wet/dirty before re entering your home.

We can also feed your dog if required at no extra charge. Food must be provided by you.


Doggy Hotel

Planning of going away on holiday but unsure of what to do with your furry friend? Why not give them a holiday of their own! Whether going on a summer holiday for a couple of weeks or planning a trip with work for a couple of days, Trial Waggers offers a warm, caring and most importantly comfortable environment for the duration of their stay.

Prices vary depending on each individual pet. Prices start from £22 per night. Contact me to discuss availability and prices.

Throughout their stay, your dog will be treated exactly the same way as I would treat my own dog Ted - with love and care!

We'll do our best to make sure your dog is comfortable and gets plenty of exercise each and every day of their stay.



Feed and Play

Sometimes your pet may prefer to stay in their home whilst you are away. Trail Waggers offer a feed and play service, where we will pay a visit to your home, feed and water your pet and make sure they get some fuss!

£7 for the first visit of the day, £11 for two visits. £1 per additional animal. 

We will ensure that the pets under our care are well fed, well watered and have enjoyed some attention! We'll play with your cat, let your hamster out in their ball and let your tortoise out of it's cage. We will typically spend 15-20 minutes showing your pet some love on each visit.

If you'd like your guinea pig, hamster, rabbit or gerbil cage cleaned out we can offer this service at an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss prices.

We'll pick up your mail, turn lights/TV's on and off as required. We can also feed any fish and top up the seed in your birdhouse, all at no extra cost!


Contact us

Please get in touch to ask any questions you may have about our services or our availbility